Yet another POV (Persistence of Vision) Toy

Preparation with LPC-MT (ARM7)

As there is LCD module in LPC-MT, it is better to remove it to free some gpio pins to drive the LEDs.

The circuit digram:

The completed work:


When the user move the led line array, you will see a complete pattern.

We have to setup the GPIO output pins for controlling the LEDs (HIGH is OFF, LOW is ON). Please check the tutorial in

Then we should create the output pattern (in column basis)
        /* Our pattern array */
   	int test_char[] = {
	/* the hex array look likes below:

You may want to look at the full source code: view

Afterward, we need to tune the wait time for each column. Such that it fits for your movement in order to display a better picture.

The demo video:

Adding Battery

Lastly, we need to use the 9V battery to power up the LPC-MT, so that we can use it anywhere. A lots of Fun then!!

by senz at dreamislife dot com 2005